Bento and Pizza

Intelligent Storage at the Edge

Cachengo offers an Edge AI System meticulously crafted to harness the potential of data beyond the confines of the data center, resulting in enhanced operations, deeper insights, and heightened responsiveness. Gone are the days of necessitating data transmission to the data center for processing; with Cachengo’s Edge AI Systems, you possess the means to process data at its origin.

Instead of procuring generic hardware and employing rudimentary software in an attempt to establish an edge analytics ecosystem, we propose an alternative approach. Acquire an edge system purpose-built to deliver the essential functions and tools for a successful venture in analytics beyond the data center. Our four-tier architecture establishes an environment optimized for effectiveness and efficiency. Drawing from our extensive experience in demanding settings, you are relieved from the burden of deciphering it all. You can direct your focus towards applications while we manage the infrastructure.

Our adaptable storage and computing clusters can be deployed virtually anywhere.

Bento Set-Top Boxes
  • Each holds up to 8 Symbiotes
  • About the size of a book
  • Sled can be stand-alone solution for small form-factor deployments

While others engage in the debate of “Data Center vs. the Edge,” Bento stands apart by offering the full spectrum of capabilities and computational prowess akin to a data center, purposefully crafted for Edge deployment.

For many, the limitations of space and stringent power constraints pose challenges, but Bento defies these obstacles. Bento embodies an authentic 8-node high-performance compute and storage cluster, all ingeniously packaged in a compact form-factor.

The management and deployment of workloads on Bento mirror the familiar processes of other cloud-based solutions. However, with Bento, there’s no need to undertake the cumbersome task of data migration.

Pizza 1U Rack Form Factor
  • Each holds 32 Symbiotes
  • Ultra low power:
    Motherboards ≤10W vs. >65W for traditional solution
  • Can tolerate component failures without killing off a service
Create Your Personal Cloud

We’re not implying that the Cloud is undesirable. What we’re suggesting is that you possess alternatives. Instead of opting for a centralized solution with a third party, you have the ability to construct an extensive cloud infrastructure tailored to your specific needs, right where the real action unfolds.

With Bento and Pizza, you gain the capability to expand your storage and analytical capacities significantly as your business expands. There’s no need to be concerned about intricate network configurations or becoming networking experts. Our integrated tools handle all of that seamlessly, requiring nothing more than a simple click of the mouse

Choice is yours to make. It’s high time you start embracing your options.

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